Intra-company transfer (ICT)

Intra-company transfer (ICT) is a category under the Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program that allows foreign workers who are employed by a foreign company to be transferred to a Canadian branch or subsidiary of that company for a temporary period of time.

To be eligible for an ICT, the foreign worker must have been employed by the foreign company for at least one year in a managerial, executive or specialized knowledge capacity, and the Canadian branch or subsidiary must be engaged in a similar line of business as the foreign company.

The ICT program is intended to facilitate the transfer of skilled workers within multinational companies and to promote the growth of Canadian businesses by providing access to global talent.

Under the ICT program, the foreign worker may be issued a work permit for a period of up to three years, which can be renewed for an additional two years. However, the foreign worker must leave Canada after the maximum period of stay has been reached, and cannot re-enter Canada under the ICT program for a period of one year.